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Yoga Centers
As I travel around the world to some of the most inspiring yoga centers, this page will feature the centers I have visited as well as eventually being included in the book. For an indepth report on my experience at these centers please visit the blog.

Clare Island Yoga Retreat - Ireland

Ciara and Christophe have been running the Clare Island Yoga Centre since 2001. The centre is located on the Lighthouse Road, on the northeastern end of the island. This is the least developed part of Clare Island, and is very quite. It is set on 240 acres of land, mostly mountain land grazed by sheep and horses, but there is also a 10 acre native woodland, and a number of organic gardens and two polytunnels, which supply some of the fruit and vegetables for the courses. Families with children are most welcome here as Ciara and Christophe also have two children. The center has seen many well known teachers since its inception as a yoga retreat.

Finland - Kadermo - The Midnight Sun Ashtanga Yoga Retreat
The Midnight Sun Ashtanga Yoga Retreat is on an Island that is called Kadermo and it is situated about 10 km north east of Hanko. It is one of thousands of islands and skerries of different sizes, many of them as untouched and free as at the moment of their birth.

This is a unique opportunity to experience yoga in untouched and idyllic surroundings far away from city lights where sunrise is at 4 am and sunset at 11 pm.

Where else can one listen to such silence, broken only by the sound of an owl hooting in the night, a woodpecker hacking away at a pine tree, seagulls squalling, a deer crying in the morning mist?

This is the place where you can re-establish contact with your true-self and with nature. Come and move in to stillness with us.

Istanbul - YogaSala

YogaSala, which means home or abode of Yoga in Sanskrit, is meant to create a place and community where—in the chaos of Istanbul and Ankara life—people can come practice yoga, breathe and be at home in their bodies.

Why Nam - Koh Phangan

Kirsten Berg and Mitchell Gold are dedicated students of Ashtanga having been taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Each year they make their way back to Why Nam Beach on Koh Phangan to teach on what could be described as the ultimate yoga shala, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Why Nam beach is situated on a remote cove only accessible by boat. The adventure of getting there only ads to the thrill of being there.

The Sanctuary - Koh Phangan

The Sanctuary on Koh Phangan is situated on an a secluded cove in the south of Koh Phangan, only reachable by long-boat. Located right on the
beach The Sanctuary was established in 1991 as an alternative healing center. Since that time, this refuge has blossomed into a unique resort
offering beautiful houses, comfortable bungalows and budget dorms tucked in harmoniously with the boulders and trees surrounding Had Tien Beach.

Yoga Thailand - Koh Samui, Thailand

Yoga Thailand lies on the south coast of Koh Samui, a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand that still has long stretches of pristine beaches and
unspoiled land. Only about an hour away from Bangkok by air, an hour plus from Singapore, and three hours from Hong Kong, Samui has the allure
of a remote island paradise but with the accessibility of the region's most popular destinations. Situated on Laem Sor beach, Yoga Thailand is
surrounded by towering coconut trees in a quiet, spacious area, with incredible sunrises and sets that plays with the colors of the water, sand and greenery.

Ashtangalanka - Sri Lanka

Ashtangalanka is situated in the south of Sri Lanka. Known for its abundant wildlife, flora and endless beaches, Sri Lanka is the perfect alternative
to the hectic pace of life.   All who have ventured here from abroad quickly fall in love with this tropical rural setting and its natural beauty. Here at
Rocky Point the sun rises from the Indian ocean. The resort lies in a secluded cove, in a small fishing village. Excellent swimming,
body surfing, snorkeling and kayaking are available just a few minutes walk from the center.

Purple Valley, Goa, India

Purple Valley Yoga Retreat is a peaceful haven situated in Goa, a state on India's west coast which is lined by white sandy beaches and the azure Arabian Sea. India is the home of yoga, and Purple Valley hosts some of the world's leading Ashtanga yoga courses and teachers in Goa's most comfortable yoga accommodation.

Satsanga Retreat, Goa, India

Satsanga Retreat is situated in the small village of Verla Canca, located between Anjuna Beach and Mapusa in Goa, India. We offer an array of yoga retreats, yoga teacher training taught by teachers from around the world.

Satsanga Retreat, which many guests say feels like a "home-away-from-home," provides a relaxed, intimate community setting. The center features a beautiful yoga shala with wood flooring, swimming pool, tropical gardens for gathering as a group or relaxing solo. We have 14 warmly furnished guest rooms, and each can accommodate 2 people, all offer private baths with solar hot water. Satsanga Retreat is family-run and has a friendly staff of 18.

Mysore, India

Mysore is the second biggest City in the State of Karnataka. It lies 130 kms from the State Headquarters, Bangalore. It is the erstwhile capital of the Mysore Maharajas, who ruled Mysore State from this royal city. Mysore has still an old world charm which has not given way to modern amenities. In addition to its beautiful silk sarees and sandalwood oil, Mysore is famous for sandalwood and rose wood carved articles...But mostly it is known to yoga practitioners as the home of Ashtanga Yoga and it's guru Sri K. Patthabi Jois. Even though other forms of yoga are practiced there it is mostly Ashtanga that attracts yogis to Mysore.

Ananda Cottage, Bali

The Ananda Cottages are just five minutes from the centre of Ubud, Bali. A wonderful mountain village one and half hours from Denpesar in Indonesia. The rooms are large and beautiful, with dark timber and spectecular views of the surrounding rice paddies. Privacy is guaranteed through the lush landscaping. There are two idillic swimming pools and two yoga platforms, both of which are surrounded by tropical forrest and rice paddies. The small one could easily hold thirty or fourty people, whereas the large on holds over a hundred. There is nothing cheap about these cottages, it is truly the best accommodation for the price.

Many yoga teachers from all over the world come here to book their yoga retreats.

Please visit the website for more information.

In Sabina, Italy

With its spectacular views and magical setting, In Sabina lies in the midst of the Italian countryside less than an hour from Rome. The grounds are lush and abundant, with a natural spring, gardens, pond and swimming pool. The property is peaceful, rustic and ideal for spiritual practice. There are spaces indoors and out for yoga, meditation, music and the arts.

Please visit the website for more detailed information on upcoming yoga retreats.

Yoga Plus, Crete

Yoga Plus is a place for relaxation, enjoyment, discovery and personal growth. Offering Ashtanga Yoga plus other body and mind related disciplines, it is set in one of the most dramatically beautiful and unspoiled spots on earth, nestled into the bay of Agios Pavlos. The center is run by Radah and her partner Pierre. Radha and Pierre are dedicated Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practitioners and teachers and are both direct students of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the originator of this form of Yoga. As one of the first teachers to introduce Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga to Europe, Radha has taught many students who have since gone on to become established Astanga Vinyasa Yoga teachers themselves.

For more detailed information visit the website.

Yoga Moves, Sydney Australia

YogaMoves is the only official branch of Ayri, Mysore Ashtanga in Australia as was taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois . Eileen Hall is one of very few female teachers who was certified to teach by the Guru himself. Her Shala is in Bondi Junction, Sydney and is a tiny space which holds about 25 people. The energy in the room is quite wonderful and it is no wonder that people line up for their practice when the room is full. The finishing sequences sometimes have to be done in the entrance room, and even though you might be surrounded by rolled up mats and shoes, it doesn't seem to matter much. There is one shower and one toilet, but generously filled with organic shampoo and soaps.

If you practice on a Sunday, you might be lucky as sometimes the practice will be accompanied by live traditional devotional music. This is quite a magical experience and leaves you blissed out at the end of your practice.

For information on hours, etc visit the website.

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